Holistic Wealth Management

We believe there is some truth to the saying ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. As such, we have developed an expansive network of local professionals to assist us with adjacent planning solutions. As your ‘financial quarterback’, we are happy to provide introductions when appropriate.

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Retiree Income Solutions

You have worked hard for your money and now you are ready to enjoy your golden years. Our income-producing solutions enable you to get the most out of your nest egg while also giving you the security and peace-of-mind that you deserve.

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Custom Investment Management

One size does not fit all. We believe your portfolio shouldn’t either. We craft your equity portfolio only after a thorough understanding of your unique goals and personal circumstances. As a fiduciary, we put your interests first…Always!

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Mega-Trend Investing


Our investment process allows us to see the forest for the trees. We view the investment world through a lens that focuses on both macroeconomic (top-down) factors and company-specific (bottom-up) fundamentals. Emphasizing certain sectors that benefit from favorable economic and demographic Mega Trends increases our chances of investment success.

Buffett Philosophy


Lafleur & Godfrey's founding principle is based on a focused, "best ideas" approach to investing and the ownership of individual companies in lieu of investment products. Investing in a portfolio of approximately 30 companies provides for adequate diversification and meaningful position sizes that can enhance long term results.

Calculated Risk


Lafleur & Godfrey is an active investment manager that tactifully adjusts your portfolio based on our economic and market outlook, our forecasting for individual equity returns, and your tolerance for risk. We belive that active management of portfolios increases likelihood of success in the long run.

Your Financial Partner

Our investment philosophy is centered around you. Your dreams, your goals, and your desired legacy. We understand that it is a privilage to become your investment manager. We know what it took for you to get where you are today. For over three decades, LaFleur & Godfrey has carefully crafted and managed investment portfolios for multiple generations of clients.

Portfolio Manager Relationship

We believe in having direct access to the investment decision-maker leads to greater accountability and a stronger relationship in the long run. Your portfolio manager is your long-term partner.

Client Centric Focus

We never promote the hottest new investment product. Instead, on a case-by-case basis, we may select complementary, low-cost ETF products in our portfolios to add diversificiation, gain exposure to an undervalued asset class and reduce overall profolio risk.