Custom Investment Management

custom investment management

Jim LaFleur and Rick Godfrey subscribed to the theory of investing that, over the long run, owning a focused, yet diversified, portfolio of individual companies could outperform a portfolio of investment products (sometimes consisting of several hundred companies). Our ‘know-what-you-own’ approach to investing has served our clients very well through the years by keeping transparency high, turnover low and costs down.

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Retiree Income Solutions

retiree income solutions tropical

You have worked hard for your money and now you are ready to enjoy your golden years. Our income-producing solutions enable you to get the most out of your nest egg while also giving you the security and peace-of-mind that you deserve.

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Holistic Wealth Management

holistic wealth management

We believe there is some truth to the saying ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. As such, we have developed an expansive network of local professionals to assist us with adjacent planning solutions. As your ‘financial quarterback’, we are happy to provide introductions when appropriate.

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Our Focus Partnership

LaFleur & Godfrey joined the Focus partnership ( in 2013 - a leading international partnership of independent, fiduciary wealth management firms. This partnership provides LaFleur & Godfrey with unrivaled access to the investment knowledge base, operational expertise and industry best practices of some of the best-led registered investment advisory firms (RIAs) in the industry.